Andrew Rastetter
1 minute read

The event was a great opportunity to meet other local USGBC members.

On Sept. 7, USGBC Northern California hosted a members-only event at the LEED Certified Oakland Arena to watch the Oakland Athletics take on the Detroit Tigers. There were roughly 10 USGBC members in attendance, and we watched the game from one of the best private suites in the house, located directly behind home plate.

It was an exciting game, packed with nonstop action, and although the A's started with an early deficit, they came out on top with a 10–2 win. The cherry on top was a Star Wars-themed fireworks show that took place immediately after the game.

The event was a great opportunity to meet other local USGBC members. I was surprised and amazed by the diversity of professions that were represented in the small group. Going into the event, I expected that most of the members in attendance would be architects or design engineers. This was not the case—I might have been the only one there. Among others, there was a building engineer, a real estate developer and a corporate sustainability consultant.

USGBC Northern California watches an Oakland Athletics game

This diversity truly underscores the wide reach of USGBC and the importance of cross-disciplinary connections to green building. As someone with a multidisciplinary background myself, this is something that I have always understood, but I had not appreciated the breadth of USGBC’s involvement outside of the construction industry. It is inspiring that this organization can unite such a diverse group in pursuit of a common goal.

The connections that were formed during this game will certainly help to shape the future of the USGBC Northern California community. Several of the members in attendance have already volunteered for leadership roles or to help with upcoming events. If you are not a member, and would like to join the organization so that you can attend future events and experience the diversity of the organization for yourself, you can sign up online.

Last, I’d like to end with a big shout-out to the Oakland Arena for sponsoring USGBC Northern California and making this event possible.

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