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Nominate yourself today for the 2015 USGBC Board of Directors, and take part in shaping USGBC’s strategic direction. 

Click the links below to submit your nomination for the following seats.

  • Product Manufacturer (pdf)
    The Product Manufacturer seat is open to a senior-level executive whose sustainable building product systems and/or materials contribute to transforming the marketplace for green buildings and communities. A thought leader in regional, national, or international professional organizations, this seat is intended for a director who will advise the Board on expanding the green building marketplace, among other strategic goals. Preference will be given to manufacturers with annual revenues over $100 million.
  • Environmental Nonprofit Advocate (pdf)
    The Environmental Nonprofit Advocate seat is open to an executive within an environmental non-profit organization who’s led outreach and advocacy campaigns at federal, state, or local levels. The director in this seat must have been a leader or a collaborator in the state and local advocacy initiatives of a USGBC chapter for at least one year in the past five years, and has a demonstrated understanding of green building issues. The current holder of this seat is Board Chair-Elect Marge Anderson of the Energy Center of Wisconsin. 
  • Sustainable Practice Leader Engineer (pdf)
    The Sustainable Practice Leader: Engineer must be a practicing building design engineer (electrical, mechanical, structural) actively involved in the design of buildings, with the LEED AP with specialty credential. The director in this seat must also have worked in a principal role on a minimum of 1 certified and four LEED registered or certified projects. Fiona Cousins, a principal at Arup currently sits in the the Sustainable Practice Leader: Engineer seat (formerly “Designer of Buildings”).
  • Insurance (pdf)
    The person in the Insurance seat must be a senior-level executive in the insurance/reinsurance industry, and a leader within the context of the insurance industry’s evolving position on disaster prevention, resilience, restoration and reconstruction at the regional, national or international scale. This perspective advises the Board with special relevance to influence green building policy at all levels of government and expand the green building marketplace, among other strategic goals. The current holder of this seat is Steve Bushnell of Fireman's Fund Insurance Company.
  • Urban/Regional Planner (pdf)
    The Urban/Regional Planner director advises the Board on the cultivation of sustainable cities and communities, among other strategic goals. This seat is for practicing urban/regional planners actively involved in integrative, restorative, and systems-oriented planning, and the director in the seat must have the LEED AP credential, and have worked in a principal role on at least one LEED ND project. The current holder of the Urban/Regional Planner is John Dalzell of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Online applications are open until July 30, 2014.

Have questions? Access the self-nomination package, see our FAQs, view our campaign guidelines, or contact