Tia Metzger
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Partner with USGBC to help promote the Resilience Summit, and lead dialogue with attendees during the salon session.

Is your organization active in advancing community resilience and elevating equity? USGBC is seeking partners to help spread the word about the Resilience Summit: Elevating Equity this November at Greenbuild Atlanta.

This year’s Greenbuild theme is "A New Living Standard." Greenbuild and the Resilience Summit will challenge the status quo and celebrate the notation that every single human being, regardless of circumstances, deserves a long and healthy life and a healthy, resilient community. Now is the time to scale up from just buildings to communities and cities. Elevating equity is the landmark strategy in building resilience within the lives of people, their communities and their infrastructure.

Help promote the Resilience Summit, and lead conversations around your projects and ideas. We are looking for partner organizations to help promote the Resilience Summit through their networks and channels, and to contribute to summit education by leading dialogue with attendees around resilience, equity, health or new technologies and paradigms during the afternoon salon session.

Help spread the word

As a Greenbuild 2019 Resilience Summit Partner, you will be required to complete the following outreach efforts, in addition to submitting a proposal for an afternoon salon topic:

  1. Event listing: List the Resilience Summit on your website and web calendar of events. The event should be listed between August and November. Greenbuild will provide promotional packet details to agree to and comply with.
  2. Electronic mailings: Send one electronic mailing to your mailing list announcing the summit, or put a 50-word news item about the Resilience Summit in the news section of your newsletter.
  3. Social media: Promote the Resilience Summit at least two times before Oct. 30 on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another platform.

Attend the summit for free

After meeting these requirements, promotional partners will receive one Resilience Summit registration pass and an opportunity to lead a conversation around resilience, equity, health or new technologies and paradigms during the Resilience Summit salon session.

Apply today to become a promotional partner, and help take part in breaking down the fragmentation in communities, as we focus on resilient and equitable outcomes.

Become a promotional partner of the Resilience Summit