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Sally Bingham

The Interfaith Power & Light (IPL) Campaign is a religious response to global warming and we are excited about our new partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council. We reach almost every faith tradition, and look for common ground – things all faiths can agree on. That’s not always so easy, but we do agree that saving energy saves money. And most people, no matter how wealthy or poor, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim, enjoy saving money. Do most people see saving energy as a matter of faith? Not necessarily. But if they take a moment to reflect on the sacred texts, the light bulb usually comes on. 

All religions call us to serve one another and not to destroy our neighbor’s health or property through greed or selfishness, and certainly not to pollute our neighbor’s air. This is the message that the collaboration between Interfaith Power and Light’s network of congregations and USGBC’s chapter network is putting forward.  

When President Obama laid out his Climate Action Plan recently, he called on our moral responsibility to future generations. What better way to respond than to make congregations examples to their communities and show leadership by retrofitting facilities, saving energy, saving money, and demonstrating support for protecting the climate? It’s a win-win-win!

Congregations are community leaders, providing pastoral havens and sanctuaries. They are also houses of prayer, but not necessarily experts on building management, auditing energy use or knowing the best energy efficient appliances.  Through this new partnership, we hope that the USGBC community will help IPL’s almost 15,000 congregations do what they aspire to do, and in turn, reach 5 million people with the message of sustainability. 

IPL and its congregations are working hard to protect the future of the planet for generations to come. With the help of USGBC’s community, who share the same goals, more people of faith can lead by example and show the way for cleaner healthier air and a safe future. It is the moral and right human response.

The Rev. Sally Bingham

President: The Regeneration Project

Interfaith Power and Light


The USGBC & IPL partnership is in support of USGBC’s Faith-based Community Campaign. To find out more, or to get involved, contact Ryan Snow.