Marisa Long

Congratulations! Your project is joining a select group of sustainable and innovative buildings that are LEED-certified. If you’re looking to tell your building’s story, here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Distribute a press release. Once you’ve earned LEED certification, go ahead and make it known! A press release template, sample quotes from USGBC and other resources can be found on pages 3, 4 and 5 of these guidelines. You can also request to use the corresponding LEED logo in your press release. (Note: Before making any superlative claim that your project is the first, second, etc., of any type in any area, contact the USGBC communications department for verification.)
  • Hold a certification ceremony. Looking for a USGBC representative to speak or present a plaque for a LEED certification ceremony? USGBC’s management team and network of regional chapters may be available. Complete the Speaker Request Form and a member of USGBC’s staff will follow up with you.
  • Send USGBC your photos. USGBC is always looking for high-resolution digital photos of certified projects for use in our marketing efforts including promotional advertisements, literature, websites and news articles. Contact the USGBC communications department to learn more.
  • Be social. There’s an active green building community on social media. Promote your achievement and join USGBC’s conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, and be sure to tweet @USGBC with the hashtag #LEED to let us know of your work.
  • Utilize the Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG). GBIG is a global innovation platform for exploring and comparing the green dimensions of the built environment. All non-confidential projects have a page highlighting their green features. Point inquirers there to learn more about your project and other green building activities and strategies in your community and around the world.
  • Send us a testimonial. How has achieving LEED certification helped you? Have you noticed a significant change in energy and natural resource consumption? Are you saving money? Submit a quote or testimonial about how LEED certification has benefited you.

Here's a final PR tip: If you’ve visited USGBC’s LEED project directory and noticed that your project isn’t listed, you may be marked as confidential in our system. If you’d like to change the confidential status of your project, enlist a project administrator to update the confidentiality information in LEED Online (via LEED Online for v4 or v2009 or LEED Online v2). USGBC will not be able to verify your certification to media and outside parties if your project is listed as confidential. 

Download the Public Relations Guidelines for New LEED projects