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Compete to save the most energy, water and waste in your building by June 30.

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This page was updated on May 23, 2019.

With the IMPACT Benchmarking Challenge from USGBC Tennessee, buildings will set a score for energy, water and waste with the Arc performance platform by June 30. Participating buildings will have until December 15 to improve their score in one or all categories. The buildings showing the highest scores at the end of the competition will be celebrated at the USGBC Tennessee IMPACT Conference.

In this year’s challenge, we are also running a separate competition for universities and higher education institutions across the state. We hope to encourage students and faculty to engage directly with their building data to learn about strategies for improving energy, water and waste use. For this competition, school participants will track data from August 30–December 15.

Participation steps

  1. Sign up as a competition participant. Any building may compete. Buildings certified as or registered with LEED have free access to the Arc performance platform, and competition participants using non-LEED spaces will have their registration fees waived until December 31. Instructions on accessing the platform will be provided after you complete the sign-up form.
  2. Using the instructions provided, register your building in Arc and upload data by June 30. Interested participants will be invited to an Arc tutorial webinar in June. Additional resources are available below. For the university competition, preliminary data must be uploaded to Arc by August 30.
  3. Save energy, water and waste. Engage occupants and building managers in improving your scores. Links to suggested strategies are available below, and volunteer mentors are available to set up a resource-saving coaching session with your team. Indicate in your sign-up form if you’d like to be paired with a coach.
  4. Update your data in Arc by December 15. Buildings with the highest energy, water waste and overall Arc scores will be honored at USGBC Tennessee’s IMPACT conference in Nashville.

Competition resources

Arc guidance

LEED Operations and Maintenance guidance

Strategies for saving energy, water and waste

For questions, contact Cindy Zork, Director, USGBC Tennessee community.

Participate in the USGBC Tennessee IMPACT Benchmarking Challenge