Heather Benjamin
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At Greenbuild 2019, share your sustainability stories and learn from others.

About 10,000 green building professionals gather at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo every year. One of the reasons all these people come together is to share stories and envision possibilities for creating a more sustainable world. 

As USGBC has learned through our Living Standard research, listening to and telling the stories of all the people who inhabit this planet is critical—both in understanding the true depth of our mission as green advocates, and in building wider support for actions that combat climate change and improve quality of life.

Every human being deserves a healthy, safe environment in which to live, learn, work and play. Rating systems like LEED, initiatives for resiliency and a robust green community can help us reach these goals—goals that are not abstract, but that have concrete and immediate effects on people's everyday lives.

USGBC Georgia, the host community for Greenbuild Atlanta, is holding a salon series leading up to the main event. If you live in the area, join them on August 20 for the "Living Standard and 'What Is Your Story'?" program, and share your ideas, stories and questions with the discussion group.

Greenbuild sessions

You can learn more about Living Standard at Greenbuild Atlanta, running November 19–22. Early bird pricing is available through August 29.

Living Standard

Thursday, Nov. 21, 3–4 p.m.

Education Track: USGBC: People, Projects, Performance

Examine how USGBC’s Living Standard campaign is highlighting the power of storytelling for a more sustainable future. Creating that future requires connecting the dots between data and people—particularly in the real world, and outside our environmentalist and sustainability bubbles. What happens when we bring quantitative data to life by ensuring the stories behind the numbers are the heart of the green building narrative? In the face of unprecedented climate-related risks, we will explore how we can become more effective communicators and community partners and how we can leverage the shift in narrative to create a both a better quality of life and higher living standard for all.

Greenbuild summits

Greenbuild Atlanta's two global summits are a chance to engage in intensive dialogue with the changemakers in green building. In 2019, the topics represent two important aspects of raising the living standard for all: advancing health and advancing equity.

Global Health and Wellness | Catalyzing Well-being for All

Tuesday, Nov. 19

Our world today is confronting massive health challenges that are impacting our complete physical, mental and social well-being. The Global Health and Wellness Summit brings together employers, building owners, designers, developers, manufacturers, employees and investors who are unlocking enormous benefits and potential in their buildings by committing to green, healthy buildings.

From workplace gardens and honeybees to circadian lighting and toxin-free materials, human health is being embraced as the next frontier in sustainable design. Improved health and productivity benefits are playing a larger role in driving companies to invest in green building. It’s imperative that buildings, communities and cities regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life.

Resilience Summit | Elevating Equity

Tuesday, Nov. 19

The green building movement is scaling up from buildings to communities to cities. Elevating equity is the landmark strategy in building resilience within the lives of people, their communities and their infrastructure. More sustainable buildings are the cornerstone to enhancing community resilience at scale. The Resilience Summit convenes governments, developers, designers, public health professionals, and community organizations who are breaking down fragmentation in the market as they focus on resilient and equitable outcomes.

Environmental, social and economic stressors have the biggest systemic impacts on the most vulnerable of communities. Severe weather events are more frequent and intense due to climate change. The new paradigm is to embrace humanity within the solutions we seek, declaring a new living standard for all.

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