Selina Holmes

Anyone may submit a proposal—the deadline is May 31.

Having a rating system that is agile and built to evolve means that the processes that sustain it must also have the same agility. Foundations of LEED, the document that governs LEED’s development, was recently updated to include a call for proposals period to provide the green building community with the opportunity to share ideas, concerns and feedback with USGBC, GBCI and the volunteer committees.

Proposals can be submitted based on any aspect of LEED and must meet the following criteria:

  • Proposals shall be expressed in terms of actual edits to existing LEED language using tools provided by USGBC. Multiple proposals for change from the same person/organization for each LEED credit shall be permitted.
  • Proposals for change must be specific.
  • The rationale and technical justification for each proposal for change must be provided and must be technical in nature.

This call will remain open for at least 60 days, until May 31, 2018. Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal to USGBC.

Once the proposal period has closed and the proposals are collected, the LEED Steering Committee will distribute the proposals to the relevant subcommittees for consideration and recommendations. This valuable feedback will shape the future of the rating system.

Learn more about the call for proposals and how your ideas move through the process to become a part of the technical language of LEED in the Foundations of LEED document. Once approved by the USGBC Board of Directors, a full report of all of the proposals considered, and the steps taken on each one, will be published.

Learn more about how LEED is developed.

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