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If you are a LEED professional who is excited to teach, USGBC Faculty is the designation for you.

The USGBC Faculty are a team of educators around the globe who have deep technical expertise in many sustainability disciplines, as well as a broad range of teaching experience across various learning levels. Participation in this program enables qualified sustainability educators to help advance their work by providing them with USGBC-approved materials and up-to-date information.

Read what five of our current USGBC Faculty have to say about rewarding outcomes and experiences they have had as a result of teaching a course or doing a project as USGBC Faculty.

Gustavo Goldman

Goldman, of Consultora Goldman, is a senior green building consultant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Use the designation as a key differentiator.

One of the most rewarding things is to teach someone and then share projects in the professional field. I have had students who then became colleagues, in diverse places like Chile and Uruguay. I feel it is important to get involved with people on the human side, as well as on the professional side.

Being Faculty will give you market differentiation among your professional colleagues and teachers, with a unique credential from one of the most recognized international organizations.

David Dominguez

Dominguez is CEO of 3Lotus Consulting Mexico in Mexico City.

Help the community and build your network.

I think for people in education, it is the best reward to hear from your attendees "This helped me a lot," "I feel more comfortable with this subject now," "It was a great course taught by someone who provides expertise," and so on. It is people's happy faces after a course that makes you feel the best.

USGBC Faculty promotes a strong framework and good networking opportunities to share experiences; plus, it is a solid credential with the backing of USGBC.

Paola Moschini

Moschini is a Principal, Architect and Sustainability Consultant at Macro Design Studio Srl in Rovereto, Italy.

Reach more people and deliver value.

One of my best experience has been the 8-hour online course organized for Fondazione Inarcassa (an organization for Italian architects and engineers). The course was available on the platform for 12 months, and more than 2,000 people watched it, giving me the opportunity to spread the word on sustainability.

If people are interested in sharing their knowledge and green experience, they should become USGBC Faculty to maintain and improve their skills as educators. The more people who train, the more people can join the green community.

Samhita Madanagobalane

Samhita is Managing Director of Ela Green Buildings and Infrastructure Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai, India.

Help people understand sustainability using consistent messaging.

Recently, I trained a group of professionals for a company for LEED Green Associate exam preparation. I used a lot of presentation slides available from USGBC. The professionals belonged to a diverse background from purchase, administration and other departments with little or no connection to green building practices. After the two-day session, I received a lot of positive feedback on how they understood all the concepts and would like to participate in more such sessions.

We need more people to deliver green building concepts and principles to expand the target audience. With a rigorous and standardized process in selecting the Faculty network and resources, there is uniformity in content for sessions anywhere around the globe. This helps strengthen and expand the network as well.

Annette Stelmack

Stelmack is a Principal and Sustainable Design Consultant with Inspirit LLC in Louisville, Colorado.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest tools.

The Education team at USGBC reached out to me to teach the inaugural LEED Green Associate Boot Camp in Chicago last year. The course included access to my online workshop recordings—12 hours in total—plus access to extensive resources for the attendees. At Greenbuild, I facilitated a live, half-day workshop engaging the attendees in review, Q&A, exam prep quizzes, games and conversations to ground them and confirm their knowledge before they took the exam in the afternoon.

With this workshop, attendees had access to advance study resources, including video and reading material; the on-site workshop featuring testing tips, key terms and group practice activities; and the chance to take the exam at a nearby testing center, for same-day results.

We had a 100% pass rate! It was exciting to share in the attendees’ success, and it was truly a privilege to be part of their sustainability journey.

If you are passionate about the triple bottom line and want to share your subject matter expertise, being a USGBC Faculty member is an honor and opportunity! I'm able to share my passion for nature and the Earth, for environments that nurture human health and wellness, and for delivering high-performing buildings.

USGBC is committed to helping our education stakeholders get the latest resources for learners across the world. Learn more about USGBC Faculty.

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