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Check out the 10 highest-rated courses on Education @USGBC from the past three months.

New year, new resolutions. If your resolution is to grow your green building knowledge, great news: You’re already set up for success with your subscription to Education @USGBC. If you haven’t checked our site lately, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Over the last three months, we added over 50 new courses. Check out the 10 highest-rated courses from the past three months:

1. Sustainability in Parking and Transportation

"The course is very well organized, and the fact that you can interact with the course materials makes it more interesting and engaging. It has a nice combination of visuals and audio descriptions, and there is a wealth of information and data sources."

2. ASHRAE's Residential Energy Performance Standards for New and Existing Buildings

"If you have a detailed interest in energy codes, then this is for you. Deep dive into ASHRAE and IECC to review how they have changed in recent versions regarding residential projects."

3. Greenhouse Gas Accounting

"It took you deeper into business accounting and calculating greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a short enough and direct-to-the-point course where you could pretty easily rewatch and pick up on what’s being said if you didn't initially understand everything."

4. Case Studies for Sustainability Implementation

"Another great presentation by Kevin and his team. What stands out are the case studies in each module, and although each segment is quite small, they are packed with 'look what they did here'."

5. LEED for Homes in Europe—Part 3: Water Efficiency

"This course does an excellent job of walking through the WE credits. This course is most appropriate for individuals working on a LEED for Homes project and wanting to learn more about the WE credits."

6. LEED for Homes in Europe—Part 4: Material and Resources
7. Zero Made Easy 3: How to Market
8. LEED Proven Provider: Streamline your certification experience
9. Don’t Miss The Mark: Subfloor Construction Adhesives With Podium/Wrap Construction
10. Ozone protection with green building rating systems

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