Theodore Wilinski

Sponsored article: Milwaukee Area Technical College is proud to contribute to Milwaukee's Better Buildings Challenge efforts.

The current evolution of the City of Milwaukee’s Better Building’s Challenge includes a holistic approach that eliminates potential barriers to achieving energy efficiency goals within our built environment. One key component to success is having a highly skilled workforce capable of maintaining and operating high-performance buildings.

Milwaukee Area Technical College’s (MATC) nationally recognized Center for Energy Conservation and Advanced Manufacturing (ECAM) technology center is home to a multitude of educational and training opportunities and features state-of-the-art learning laboratories.  MATC contributes to the long-term success of the Better Building Challenge by producing graduates with specialized technical training and practical field experience that supports great-paying jobs in the energy efficiency sector. 

Demand for skilled workers in the energy sector continues to grow, thanks to savvy building owners seeking ways to reduce operational expenses and to programs like the Better Buildings Challenge. In response to this demand, MATC developed a new one-year diploma degree: Automated Building Systems. The Automated Building Systems program prepares students for entry-level careers as technicians and specialists in building automation and controls. This industry encompasses a broad range of current and emerging technologies that control building electrical and mechanical systems efficiently, thereby optimizing energy usage. 

Graduates of the new program will be well equipped to provide energy analysis services within our market, due to the carefully crafted class coursework and field experience provided by local firms. Area employers interested in partnering with MATC and the Automated Building Systems program are encouraged to reach out to Ted Wilinski at 414-571-4570.

MATC is proud to be one of several partners contributing to the success of the Better Buildings Challenge and the City of Milwaukee’s larger efforts to become a world-class eco-city.

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