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Read USGBC's brief on SDG 3 and how green building can help support its targets.

The third Sustainable Development Goal, "Good Health and Well-being," aims to ensure healthy lives for people of all ages.

Healthy populations around the world rely upon sustainable development, and although this goal has focused health indicators, it should be noted that each of the other 17 SDGs has significant public health implications as well. The targets for SDG 3 are wide-ranging and address concerns in both developing and developed countries. These global issues affect us all.

USGBC sees health as imperative in all of its work. Green building can directly contribute to some of the SDG 3 targets. For example, when a project is designed to mimic the natural hydrology and water balance of its site, based on regional undeveloped ecosystems, it can help reduce water contamination and flooding, which can pose health risks downstream, especially when considered cumulatively.

Also, when projects reduce their fossil fuel use, through energy performance and renewable energy use, they reduce their potential contribution to heat island effects and to local air pollution, both of which have significant health impacts. These building strategies can help protect people in the watershed and airshed, not only at the project site itself.

Green building projects can also support community health by serving functions like providing space for recreation, implementing strategies that address existing health needs and minimizing project features that could present risks to health.

LEED pushes project teams and building owners and operators to address the relationship between the indoor environment and human health in a number of ways. The Indoor Environmental Quality credit category in the rating system is dedicated to protecting the health and comfort of building occupants.

To learn more about the work of USGBC and GBCI and how they support SDG 3, read the brief on our website.

Read our brief on SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being