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Explore our highest-rated courses from the past three months.

2018 is flying by! So far this year, we’ve added over 50 new courses to Education @USGBC.

Check out the 10 highest-rated courses from the past three months:

1. Understanding Water Credits in LEED

“With clear and concise graphics, it is an easy-to-follow, highly informative course that provides tips and strategies suitable to those just beginning to document LEED projects, as well as to those who are well experienced in the process.”

2. Energy in LEED Today and Tomorrow

“An excellent course given by three great minds in LEED energy. Christian and Sarah have a deep understanding of the topic and can communicate the ideas clearly.”

3. Built for Health: Biophilic Design

“I enjoyed the straightforward approach of this podcast. The speakers were direct, and it was a reality check for me on how adaptable we are as humans—and that isn't always best. It was a refreshing way to learn, and the speakers were diverse in their backgrounds, which made it even more interesting.”

4. Biomimicry: Leveraging Nature's Genius in Design

“Excellent webinar, well explained biomimicry in a basic format. I liked the real-world applications and examples. I will use this as I design and sell homes.”

5. LEED Supports Healthy Spaces

“This course is thought-provoking, in the sense that it presents well-known strategies under a different perspective. The way they are regrouped and explained opens an entirely new outlook on how healthy issues are dealt with in LEED.”

6. Built for Health: Light
7. You Are What You Eat
8. Biophilic Design for Schools
9. Brownfield Redevelopment
10. Built for Health: Acoustics and Sound

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