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Explore our highest-rated courses from the past three months.

We’ve got plenty of new education to keep you busy this summer! In April, May and June we published almost 70 new courses on Education @USGBC and launched a new knowledge-based badge.

Check out the 10 highest-rated courses from the past three months:

1. Managing for Sustainability

"This course is built upon three powerful tools on how to manage sustainability within a company. These tools are a strength-weakness-opportunities-threats (SWOT) chart, a gap analysis and a greenhouse gases inventory."

2. Food Processing: Energy-efficient Refrigeration

"Seventhwave provides valuable insight into the potential energy savings via simple and more complex measures in commercial refrigeration. Building upon the foundation of the actual math calculations, several examples show the large impacts in energy reduction resultant from small changes."

3. Better Building Materials: Part 2

"I would highly recommend this course for participants looking to gain a broad understanding of the impacts of building material selections."

4. IAQ Testing for LEED: The Why and the How

"A new and interesting approach to delivery of the materials, this course utilizes both video- and text-based delivery methods. Broken into a modular system, the materials cover the IAQ testing aspects of both LEED BD+C and Existing Buildings O+M rating systems."

5. Biophilic Design for Schools

"This article provides a positive and engaging learning experience that conveys new information and skills to improve knowledge about Biophilic Design for Schools, and I suggest it to everyone (teachers, parents, designers) who will face this topic."

6. How a Nonprofit Develops Healthy, Net Zero Homes at Market Rate
7. Case Study: USGBC Headquarters
8. Benefit from Synergies Between SITES and LEED BD+C
9. Built for Health: Public Spaces and Urban Design
10. Built for Health: Light

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