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Last week, we launched our first social media advocacy campaign to spread the word to our elected officials that #LEEDworks! The campaign was a resounding success, all due to the amazing responses of our 62, 674 Twitter followers and countless LEED supporters.

“#LEEDworks to protect the environment, save money and build better, stronger communities,” tweeted CEO Rick Fedrizzi to kick-off the campaign Monday morning. This tweet was immediately followed by 284 #LEEDworks Thunderclap messages, making it a trending topic on Twitter for the Washington, D.C. area.

But we didn’t stop there. Our followers took to Twitter throughout last week, contacting their Senators and sharing how LEED plays an important role in their communities.

Here a few of our favorite #LEEDworks tweets from last week:

  1. @sierraclub: “We’re joining @USGBC on twitter to tell Senators to support Federal use of LEED for green buildings- #LEEDworks!”"
  2. @knuppcakes: “LEED buildings are healthier for the environment and for people, says @SpelmanCollege’s Art Frazier: #LEEDworks”
  3. @CarrierGreen: “Our Charlotte, NC #LEED-certified manufacturing plant has reduced its natural gas bill by 46% year after year. #LEEDworks.”
  4. @hsbarchitects: “Dear @PortmanPress, LEED creates local jobs, which can’t be outsourced (Recycling Reuse Retrofits) and saves building owners money! #LEEDworks.”
  5. @mapleLEED: “@SenatorDurbin, @SenatrKirk: we’re building LEED in Nortrook because #LEEDworks! Stop by sometime and we’ll show you.”
  6. @Melissa_Vernon: “Dear SenatorBaldwin, Lake Mills Middle School diverted 77% waste during construction! WI schools show that #LEEDworks.”
  7. @meEngineersNY: “Our LEED Platinum Laurence Rockefeller Visitor Center uses 85% less energy than a conventional building, #LEEDworks!
  8. @LisaLaneyOH: “Ohion K-12 LEED projects have diverted 182,845 tons & 47,672 CY of construction waste from our landfills because #LEEDworks!”
  9. @realbldgconsult: “@marcorubio, @SenBillNelson: #LEEDworks- our clinets are seeing 30% water savings, 26% energy savings & creating healthy buildings!”
  10. 10. @GreenInsurance: “Fireman’s Fund supports @USGBC and LEED for green buildings. #LEEDworks- better buildings save $ and reduce risk:”

At the end of the week, we sent out a total of 1,620 #LEEDworks tweets and reached out to 78 Senators and elected officials.

Our week-long campaign is over, but telling stories about how #LEEDworks has just begun. We hope you will join us as we continue to engage elected officials about healthy high performing buildings. If you use Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you can tag your stories with the hashtag (#) LEEDworks. Also make sure to check out our #LEEDworks Pinterest page, or share a success story on our Group Linkedin page.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this important campaign- every message that went out was a true testament to our extensive network and to the power of LEED.

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