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Looking to grow your green building knowledge?

Check out this month's top three courses.

1. EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation
An introduction to the EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation regional green building certification program for historic buildings.

2. Pursuit of Net Zero Energy: The Walgreens Experience
Join a team of experts who can get you up-to-speed on how to approach a net zero building project.

3. America’s oldest net positive home remodel – How did they do it?
Imagine an existing home in a cold weather climate that produces more energy than it consumes, even with an electric car plugged in and can prove it! Come learn more about what you can do in your next remodel to go beyond conventional green and push the envelope without breaking the bank.

Each course is available for individual purchase at $45. You can also access the courses through the Education @USGBC subscription.

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