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One of the most common questions posed by real estate professionals is, “What are the benefits of pursuing a LEED rating, and what are the marginal investment requirements necessary to attain these benefits?”

This GBIG Insight Research Anthology – High Performance Building Benefits and Investment Costs [see PDF here] contains brief summaries of top research articles, academic papers, industry reports, comprehensive textbooks, and resources devoted to informing strategic and tactical business decisions. Each section contains internet links to a wide array of expert resources allowing readers to explore each specific topic at significantly greater depth.

Together these works are distilled into five distinct categories:

1.  Expert Knowledge Synthesis

2.  Population-Based Studies

3.  Project-Based Studies

4.  Market-Based Value Studies

5.  Early Research

As of this article posting, roughly 21,000 projects totaling 3 billion square feet found a compelling business case to pursue LEED certification. Industry practitioners realize no two projects are exactly the same when it comes to size, scope, location or stakeholder engagement requirements. Determining the marginal investment required to achieve additional high performance building benefits is therefore situational, an ongoing iterative process based on... 


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