Selina Holmes

The LEED v4 Reference Guides can walk project teams through all they need to achieve credits.

The LEED v4 Reference Guides provide a comprehensive overview of how to navigate a LEED project from registration through certification. They serve as the first stop for project teams and have been restructured to focus on the most useful information for project teams.

The guides have been evaluated to determine ways to make them function better as full guides, instead of a collection of separate credit-specific explanations.

To support this, project teams will find:

  • Getting Started section: This new segment at the beginning of each guide goes beyond what’s found in the introduction and includes a work-plan framework that guides project teams through the steps leading up to certification.
  • Navigation tools: Information is only helpful if you can find it. Throughout the guides, connections are highlighted—so when there is one credit that relates to another, we let you know. If a credit references information in the Getting Started section, we let you know that too.
  • Icons and other wayfinders that point out relationships, so that project teams can benefit from the full picture. At the credit level, the focus is on clarity, making sure project teams can quickly and easily see what each credit requires and how to achieve it.

LEED reference guides are available in two formats:

  • Web-based: The fully interactive web-based reference guide is a simple, one-stop shop for all LEED v4 resources. The guides, accessed through the LEED credit library, include all of the information from the traditional format guides, plus video tutorials, downloadable forms, templates and presentations. Haven't seen the guides? View the sample credits: EA credit Demand Response and IP credit Integrative Process
  • Traditional: The print and pdf formats of the reference guides walk project teams through all of the information they need to successfully achieve credits.

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