Selina Holmes
2 minute read

How we update our platforms to support the continuous improvement of LEED.

USGBC has applied the lessons learned from LEED v4 projects to develop LEED v4.1, an update to the rating systems designed for usability, agility and flexibility. But the work has not stopped with LEED requirements. We have also invested time and resources in the two platforms that support project teams as they earn certification: LEED Online and Arc.

On any given day, hundreds of people interact with these platforms to register projects, document credits, enter data and track certification efforts. LEED Online, specifically, functions as the starting point and ongoing workspace for projects. Arc provides an additional layer, going beyond traditional documentation of credits and looking at performance.

When we say LEED v4.1 is powered by Arc, we mean that Arc adds functionality that project teams can use to track, manage and analyze project data. Teams can use that data to earn certification or to go further and set new goals.

As we update the rating system, you’ll also notice updates to the platforms. We recently made an update to LEED Online for LEED v4.1 Operations and Maintenance (O+M) projects that

  • Gives teams a new way to enter data for LEED v4.1 O+M projects—HTML forms. Projects no longer need to navigate compatibility issues between Microsoft, Adobe and other software and can now use forms built directly into LEED Online.
  • Introduces an Arc widget that functions within LEED Online, so teams don’t have to leave LEED Online to enter their performance data, view their activity or access analytics.
  • Creates a quick-start path to LEED recertification with a button in LEED Online.

This is just the beginning. Throughout 2019, we’ll continue to identify areas for improvement and make updates. Keep sending us your feedback—that is what helps us determine what updates are needed most. Continuous improvement is a mantra for everything we do.

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