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Leith Sharp

USGBC and the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard’s School of Public Health are founding conveners in a growing cross-sector network working to provide a critical mass of senior leaders with best-in-class Core Business Integration of Sustainability (CBIS) executive education.

2014 Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership

In June 2014, the CBIS framework was successfully launched at Harvard University in a three day Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership residential program. Through this inaugural offering, 46 senior leaders became the first cohort to become engaged in learning why and how to apply this powerful new framework.

With the aim to inspire, challenge and prepare participants to rise to the critical leadership demands of our great 21st century challenge, this course convened executives from a wide range of sectors and industries to learn alongside world class thought leaders and practitioners. The program received an overall evaluation of 4.75 out of 5 from participants, and provided the necessary validation and support for growing our network of convening partners to deliver this important offering to as many senior leaders as possible.

Impact of CBIS executive education

In this leadership program, sustainability is positioned as an opportunity to improve organizational performance and resilience by expanding the capacity of an organization to adapt to our new reality. CBIS is not about eco-efficiency (doing less bad) or operational environmental programs (good housekeeping); rather it is focused on integrating sustainability into the fabric of an organization as an essential driver of change capability, innovation, and organizational effectiveness.

The CBIS model defines a pathway for our organizations to evolve beyond the traditional command-and-control operating system to embed new capabilities for agility, shared purpose, crossing departmental boundaries, systems thinking, learning by doing and overall change capability. To deliver these new capabilities, the CBIS model engages leaders in building and integrating a second operating system, the emergence operating system, to complement the existing command-and-control operating system.

2015 Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership offerings

Integrating sustainability into the core mission of an organization requires changing almost everything we do, and fast. For any senior leader that is looking to create the right organizational fitness for this enormous leadership challenge, we encourage you to register for a CBIS executive education offering.

2015 Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership offerings
July 7-10, 2015
Aug. 11-14, 2015
Cambridge, MA

Learn more and listen to this information session from the 2014 program.