Christopher Gray

Washington, D.C. – (Nov. 6, 2014) – USGBC announced today the addition of six new member organizations to its LEED International Roundtable, a team of practitioners, green building experts and organizations from around the world working toward increasing the global application and adoption of LEED. 

The newest members include The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India, the Costa Rica Green Building Council, the Trinidad and Tobago Green Building Council, the Kazakhstan Green Building Council, the Hungary Green Building Council and SUMe in Mexico.  The new additions bring the total number of Roundtable members up to 37.

“The earth knows no boundaries and LEED continues to break regional barriers so we can share best practices in buildings in order to expand the transformative influence of green building,” said Scot Horst, chief product officer, USGBC. “We continue to see increasing levels of engagement from the international community as we focus on the sustainability impact of LEED. The LEED International Roundtable is a forum for advancing our goal of transforming the global built environment, and these new members will help us ensure that LEED remains both relevant and innovative in key locations across the world.”

The LEED International Roundtable’s most recent meeting was held at the 2014 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which took place in New Orleans from Oct. 22-24, 2014. Member organizations discussed the positive impact that the LEED Dynamic Plaque (a new platform developed to provide real-time, on-going building performance information) will have in their countries, while also applauding the new Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) for LEED that were recently launched for both Europe and South America.