USGBC regularly presents national awards to honor individuals and organizations whose exemplary work has been influential in the expansion of sustainable, higher-performing buildings.

Distinctions such as the Leadership Award celebrate those who inspire us with their words, actions and passion. Others, such as the Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award, highlight manufacturers that display leadership in green building, corporate responsibility and community involvement.

Recipients represent a range of experiences and industries, but possess a shared attribute: a passion for green building and its rewards for our future. 

Leadership Award 

The Leadership Award recognizes those whose vision, leadership and commitment have been fundamental to the evolution of our green building industry.

The 2015 winners include: Chrissa Pagitsas, Honorable Katherine Hammack, Amory Lovins, Dr. Cornelius Murphy and Romilly Madew.

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Malcolm Lewis IMPACT! Award

Named in memory of Malcolm Lewis, recipients are recognized for their high-impact, volunteer-driven work that supports a USGBC initiative.

Lewis was a member of the LEED Steering Committee and chair of the Technical Scientific Advisory Committee and LEED Technical Committees. He served the green building movement with dedication and selflessness; his legacy lives in smarter building, a stronger movement and a world he left better for the rest of us.

The Urban Food Studio of the Capital Area Food Bank is the 2015 winner of the Malcolm Lewis IMPACT! Award. The Capital Area Food Bank addresses issues of hunger and food security by providing leadership, education, training and food to more than 500 partner agencies. 

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The Daley Award

In 2010, the Mayor Richard M. Daley Legacy Award for Global Leadership in Creating Sustainable Cities was established and presented to then-Chicago Mayor Richard Daley at the 2010 Greenbuild in Chicago.

Daley dedicated his time as mayor to making Chicago one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the nation. Chicago was one of the first cities to adopt LEED for public buildings and is one of the top cities in the United States for LEED projects. 

The Near Westside Initiative, Inc. (NWSI), a not-for-profit started by Syracuse University, won the 2014 award.

Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award

In an effort to recognize Ray Anderson’s legacy and impact upon the green building industry, we have worked with the Ray Anderson Foundation and his family to create the Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award.

USGBC presents this namesake award each year to a leader in the manufacturing sector whose commitment to and achievements in sustainability exemplify Ray’s vision. Colgate-Palmolive Company is the 2015 recipient of the Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award.

LEED for Homes Award 

This annual recognition recognizes projects, developers and homebuilders that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in residential green building. The awards are given to notable multi- and single-family residential and affordable housing projects, as well as builders and developers.

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