Sheri Brezinka

On Feb. 13, learn more about becoming involved with SITES in USGBC Central Plains, Minnesota or Wisconsin.

The Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES) is the most comprehensive program for designing, developing and maintaining sustainable landscapes and resilient places. The SITES Rating System is designed to define sustainable sites, measure their performance and ultimately evaluate the value of landscapes.

Some of USGBC's local communities, including USGBC Central Plains, USGBC Minnesota and USGBC Wisconsin, are launching a new initiative to increase awareness of SITES and develop strong leaders to implement the rating system. This regional SITES collaborative is a volunteer-led group comprising individuals from across the region who are interested in learning more about the rating system and educating others in the community. 

“The collaborative brings together green building practitioners and supportive organizations who have an interest in SITES,” says Korinne Haeffel, USGBC’s Director of Community–Wisconsin and Iowa. “Collaborative members also help to promote the SITES rating system in the local market and educate technical professionals and end users.”

Public Relations Vice President of Prairie Gateway ASLA, Michael Killeen, adds, “The Sustainable SITES Initiative is of growing interest to our members, so this webinar and collaborative partnership is perfect timing! Our Prairie Gateway chapter of ASLA, which includes Kansas and Western Missouri, is looking forward to joining this collaborative, and helping to further the SITES program as it continues to grow under USGBC."

The SITES collaborative takes on key principles to bring members together for an effective and positive collaboration:

  • The collaborative is volunteer-led, and members determine the frequency and content of meetings.
  • Collaborative members determine the best strategies and implementation activities to achieve market transformation goals, supported by USGBC staff.

SITES collaborative goals:

  • Members will become well educated on the SITES Rating System.
  • Group activities will help to increase the number of SITES APs in the region.
  • Collaborative activities will result in a pool of professionals trained and willing to give SITES presentations at education programs and to interested professional organizations.
  • Collaborative members will promote the use of the SITES Rating System.
  • The collaborative will create a strategy to enhance market adoption of the SITES Rating System in their local communities.

Please reach out to Sheri Brezinka with questions or fill out this short survey to be added to an email list about the collaborative.

Join us for this upcoming program for an overview of SITES and more information about the launch of the collaborative.

Sustainable SITES Initiative Deep Dive

When: Tues., February 13, 2018, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
Where: USGBC Minnesota, USGBC Central Plains and USGBC Wisconsin

You can also join the event remotely with our webinar option.