Taryn Holowka
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Taryn Holowka shares her thoughts on why USGBC events help make green living for everyone a reality.

This message is excerpted from the "LEED On" column in the spring 2019 issue of USGBC+ magazine.

Every day, USGBC is working to improve the living and working conditions of people. And we have spent the last several years growing and expanding the in-person interaction and touchpoints that bring people together. This year alone, Greenbuild, the world's largest green building conference and expo experience, is taking place in China, Mexico, Brazil and Europe, in addition to Atlanta here in the U.S. And our regional U.S. events have become the places to connect in individual markets and will offer the opportunity for local leaders to come together and discuss solutions to the biggest problems affecting our society, including how sustainable buildings, cities and communities can positively impact human health and raise the standard of living for everyone. It is a platform to celebrate those who are working to make green buildings, green communities and green cities for all a reality.

USGBC events, along with our programs, volunteer opportunities and more, all serve to bring people together. Over the last 25 years, we've learned something crucial; we will only achieve our mission by bringing people to the table and meeting each individual where they are.

Green building has grown into a global industry, with LEED in 175 countries and territories across the globe and more than 3 million square feet of space certifying every day. This year has already led to new milestones for LEED with the launch of LEED v4.1, which makes LEED the first green performance standard and the most comprehensive, collaborative, accessible and effective LEED system to date.

In addition, the USGBC community is stepping up with initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expanding activities that impact human health and well-being, and devising effective solutions to life-threatening challenges in the U.S. and around the globe. LEED v4.1 is our chance to lead the market on all these fronts and will be a preeminent topic at all of our events.

The impact of buildings, cities and communities on people continues to be a priority for USGBC and across industries. We are expanding our green building efforts to ensure LEED is not only the de facto leadership standard, but also the preeminent living standard. The state of the green building and sustainability market is ever-changing and holds immense promise for continued positive impact on our world's most overwhelming challenges.

Check out our 2019 events, and we hope to see you in a city near you!

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