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Support EPs in green building through becoming Faculty.

At USGBC, we recognize the critical role our young people and emerging professionals play in transforming the green building industry. We are always looking for ways to support students and emerging professionals, whether it be through online education to help emerging professionals launch their careers, activities at Greenbuild or connecting people to our in-person educators around the globe—USGBC Faculty.

USGBC Faculty are a team of educators around the globe who have deep technical expertise in many sustainability disciplines, as well as a broad range of teaching experience across various learning levels. Participation in this program enables qualified sustainability educators to help advance their work by providing them with USGBC-approved materials and up-to-date information.

Read what five of our current USGBC Faculty have to say about how they support emerging professionals to carry on their work, and what they would advise them to do to grow in the industry.

Annette Stelmack

Stelmack is a Principal and Sustainable Design Consultant with Inspirit LLC in Louisville, Colorado.

Be smart and persistent, diligently pushing forward.

My two best pieces of advice for young designers are 1) You have to be smarter than everyone else in the room at all times (without saying so of course), and 2) Don’t ever let anyone curb your enthusiasm for what you do and hope to do in the green industry. A green architect/designer/engineer must master their own discipline, plus elements of all others and how they affect one another, keep up with the latest standards and motivate others to innovate on every project—all while working against time, budget, codes, etc.

This requires not only a lot of skills and patience, but also a great deal of humility, empathy and experience to navigate successfully. Perseverance and stamina allow your enthusiasm—emerging professionals’ best quality—to stay strong as you continue learning, motivating, teaching and growing.

Gustavo Goldman

Goldman, at Consultora Goldman, is a senior green building consultant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Think big without losing on the details.

I would emphasize to emerging professionals to keep on learning. Think both in terms of the trees and the forest. Always be mindful that our work helps to create a better buildings and communities.

Paola Moschini

Moschini is a Principal, Architect and Sustainability Consultant at Macro Design Studio Srl in Rovereto, Italy.

Be transparent and ethical.

I would emphasize the emerging of the materials transparency, the importance of the disclosure of the material ingredients. I hope to pass down to the emerging professionals the improvement of this transparency process, and the need to involve the stakeholders, the general contractors, the material producers in this process.

USGBC Faculty is an accreditation that allows me to be more competent in class, to actively contribute in the training of new professionals that approach sustainability in the first step.

David Dominguez

Dominguez is CEO of 3Lotus Consulting Mexico in Mexico City.

Innovate and be open to change.

Emerging professionals must be open to newness and change (in ideas, ways of doing things, design, building—everything must be seen with a new perspective).

Samhita Madanagobalane

Samhita is Managing Director of Ela Green Buildings and Infrastructure Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai, India.

Help people understand sustainability using consistent messaging.

I would emphasize to emerging professionals the need for and importance of training. We need qualified, trained professionals. Sustainability in the building industry is a specialization in itself. With government policies mandating green and efficient energy, we still do not have the required pool of skilled professionals.

Specifically, emerging professionals need to understand the energy conservation building code, its integration in green buildings and its scope in the industry, as well as the benefits of possessing the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP credential in the industry.

USGBC is committed to helping our education stakeholders get the latest resources for learners across the world. Learn more about USGBC Faculty.

USGBC Faculty at Greenbuild

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