Suzanne Haerther

The Savannah Branch of USGBC Georgia is a diverse group of people interested in green building and sustainable design. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings and training seminars. Our usual mix consists of architects, interior designers, students, contractors, professors, engineers, property owners and many other professions.

Savannah Branch key initiatives

Green Schools

High-performance, healthy schools not only save energy, water, and other resources, but they also provide a better learning environment through improved indoor air quality, access to daylight and natural views, better acoustics and more. The Savannah Branch works with local school boards to serve as a resource and encourage adoption of green schools policies.

Green Gives Back

Each year, the Savannah Branch hosts "Green Gives Back," our annual fundraiser to benefit a range of worthwhile causes. Although the beneficiary for each year's event may differ, it is always a great time for a great cause.

Past beneficiaries:

  • 2012—Project Haiti: Savannah held the most successful Project Haiti event of all the USGBC communities.
  • 2013—Operation Green Street: Provides energy efficiency improvements in conjunction with the City of Savannah.
  • 2015—Jacob G Smith Elementary Project Affordable Housing

Historic buildings

The Savannah Branch is proud to be working with the Historic Savannah Foundation, SCAD, AIA, Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity, the City of Savannah and other community partners to create a sustainable model for affordable housing. Funded by a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the initial project will focus on an infill home in the Cuyler-Brownville Historic District. Education transforming the built environment is the core mission of USGBC, and education is one of our primary vehicles.


The Savannah Branch is increasing our educational offerings by continuing the monthly Green Scenes every fourth Tuesday of the month, but we are also offering more lunch-and-learn opportunities, LEED workshops and continuing maintenance offerings. From the strong success of the partnership with DIRTT for the screening of Carbon Nation in 2011 to the candidate forums co-hosted with the Savannah Bicycle Campaign, the Savannah Branch continues to work with business and like-minded nonprofit organizations to co-host events beneficial to our membership and to the community.

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