Sarah Merricks
1 minute read

Please fill out the survey by Dec. 31.

USGBC announced today that it has launched a survey to get feedback from the USGBC community as part of our Living Standard campaign. This initiative thrives on sharing stories and exploring the uniquely human experience of living and working in green buildings. By listening to one another and by amplifying the voices of people in our field, USGBC aims to make visible the tangible, positive impacts that green buildings can have on quality of life.

To ensure that we are best serving our members and key stakeholders, we want to hear from you—our trusted community. By taking this survey, you will provide us with valuable feedback that will help us make better, more informed, more inclusive decisions and guide our efforts to raise the standard of living for communities all over the world. This will help us become better partners in the years to come and answer critical questions such as, Where does our community align with the broader public? In what ways does our community differ? How can we better provide resources and outreach to those on the front lines?

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete, and will run until Dec. 31. The survey is conducted by an independent research firm, and none of your specific individual information—or any information about specific companies or their representatives or employees who take this survey—will be revealed. Upon completion, you will also be eligible for a prize drawing. A winner will be chosen at random and notified by Monday, Jan. 6.

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