Mahesh Ramanujam

On October 1, our membership structure will change.

2018 is USGBC’s 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, we’ve come together to make our planet stronger, greener and more sustainable.

During this first generation, our green building family has certified and registered more than 93,000 LEED projects globally, across 167 countries and territories. More than seven billion square feet of space are now LEED-certified, and more than 13 billion additional square feet are pursuing LEED certification. These projects span all parts of communities, from schools to hospitals to landmarks to new construction—even entire cities.

Today, our community of LEED professionals is more than 200,000 strong. And in addition to evolving LEED to be the most rigorous green building standard, we have also introduced programs such as Arc, the Center for Green Schools, LEED Lab, Learning Lab and international Greenbuild conferences.

But this is only the first chapter of our story—and as we write the next one, the stakes have never been higher.

Meeting the challenges of a changing world

Climate change will continue to impact millions of lives. By 2030, according to the Climate Vulnerability Monitor, these forces are projected to cost the global economy $700 billion every year. By 2050, 200 million people could become forced to leave their homes in coastal cities that have become uninhabitable.

As a result, our environment—our forests, our oceans, our public lands—will be under siege. Many cities will become overpopulated. Millions of people and trillions of dollars in assets will be at risk. Our quality of life, as we know it, could be a relic of the past.

But our community of green builders has been preparing for the challenges ahead—and we have always turned obstacles into opportunities. Behind every project and company that leads by example are extraordinary tales of inspiration, of people who believe wholeheartedly that it is not only our passion, but our privilege and our purpose to go all in together and leave this planet a better place.

You have been at the forefront of some of the world’s most effective green building innovations and initiatives. And no one knows better than you the exceptional progress that can be made when we focus on people, planet and profit all at once, instead of creating a world where those promises exist exclusive of one another.

Ultimately, our vision is that green buildings will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation. More than anything else, it's about improving quality of life and making society not only more sustainable, but more equitable too.

Going all in to achieve sustainability

Over our first 25 years, we've made real progress toward that goal. But we still have a long way to go. That’s why I’m asking you to recommit. Our membership dues only cover the bare minimum of the change our organization seeks to drive over the next 25 years, and your investment will help us realize our vision. My hope is that our community will be able to contribute a little more to help us continue to lead the charge on our shared mission: bringing about a sustainable future for all.

On October 1, our membership structure will change. View the full list of options on our membership page.

We’ve given this new fee structure a lot of thought. And while we’re asking for a greater investment, we also know it’s on us to hold up our end of this partnership, to reinvest in and recommit to being a stronger and more supportive family to all of you.

This is not about transactions. It’s about togetherness. Together, we can reimagine what’s possible when we invest in one another and in something bigger than ourselves.

Together, we can help write the next chapter of our own individual stories, and the larger narrative of our movement, to bring about a better, more equitable life for all.

Together, we must go all in to build the kind of world we’ve only dreamed of.

Thank you for being a part of our global family. I can’t wait to see what the next generation of our movement will build together.

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