USGBC National Capital Region is proud to partner with Calvary Women’s Services in an effort to green their facility in Southeast Washington, D.C.

Calvary Women’s Services is a nonprofit that empowers homeless women by providing housing, healthcare, employment, and education. Their facility serves as a transitional home for 40 women and provides a space for programing.

To date, our Emerging Professionals have dedicated over two hundred volunteer hours and secured several thousand dollars of in-kind service and material donations, but we need your support to help Calvary Women’s Service’s reach their goals.

Learn about our work so far, and become a participant in our Calvary Campaign by donating funds, in kind services or materials, or your professional expertise.

Our work

Establishing goals and developing a plan

In August 2015, volunteers from USGBC National Capital Region’s Emerging Professionals visited Calvary Women’s Services to provide an evaluation and create a plan for making their facility more sustainable, energy and cost efficient, and comfortable for residents and staff.

Using the USGBC ADVANCE program as a guide, our Emerging Professionals helped Calvary Women’s Services to set goals and identify the steps necessary for reaching them.

These goals included:

  • Conducting an energy audit and implementing associated energy conservation measures
  • Installing energy saving lighting controls such as occupancy sensors and timeclocks
  • Conducting an indoor air quality assessment
  • Analyzing quality of historic storefront and weatherization options
  • Stripping and repainting the patio’s back retention wall
  • Building a living green wall with climbing plants for the patio
  • Helping Calvary find a program to install solar panels with no upfront cost

Through these measures, Calvary Women’s Services can elevate the quality of their services and programs. When their utility bills are lower through the multiple energy conservation measures, they can allocate resources to their programs and the women they serve. Measures such as restoring the facility’s back patio will help create a space for residents to reconnect with nature and heal.

What we've accomplished so far

We have also connected Calvary Women’s Services with a solar energy equipment supplier that will install solar photovoltaic panels on Calvary’s roof, a move that could save over $100,000 in electricity costs over the next 30 years. This program will utilize a power purchase agreement that will not require any upfront funding from Calvary and will start saving Calvary money immediately.


USGBC National Capital Region and Calvary Women’s Services would like to thank the organizations listed above who have donated their time and services! We are currently looking for material, professional services/labor or financial donations to cover the following:

  • Patio restoration ($2,000 needed to cover labor; materials donated by Sherwin Williams)
  • Construction of a Living Wall made of low-maintenance climbing plants ($2,500 needed)
  • Energy or water saving devices and equipment and the labor to install them
  • Products that will improve Calvary’s carbon footprint and help make the facility more sustainable.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • If you have a product or service that you think would be a good fit for this project please contact us and we will see if there is any way we can fit it into our scope.

If you would like to donate resources, please contact Emily English.