Steph Leonard

At the Green Apple-lympics, USGBC North Dakota engaged children and their parents in learning about sustainability.

The second annual Fargo Frostival kicked off on Jan. 27, with an outdoor celebration of live music, food, fire pits, carriage rides and cocoa. Though many Fargo community members enjoyed this celebration, others were preparing for the next day’s festivities, the Kids Winter Boot Camp, where USGBC North Dakota helped make sustainability both educational and fun.

The children's event took place at the Rustad Recreation Center in West Fargo, where loads of free games, activities and food brought in hundreds of families from all around the Fargo-Moorhead community. 

Two of the local organizations that partook in Saturday’s activities were North Dakota State University’s USGBC student chapter and the USGBC North Dakota Community Market Leadership Advisory Board. A third eco-driven group, eFargo, joined in to help present fun and engaging activities. The trio's booth was titled "Green Apple-ympics"—inspired by the international celebration of Green Apple Day of Service.

The booth educated children on sustainable practices through hands-on games and activities. They started by drawing and coloring biodegradable foods that could be broken down in a potential composter. Here, the children learned about what compost is and all the benefits that it can provide. The next two exercises, the apple race and recycling race, seemed to provide the most laughs.

Next, kids made paper cut-outs of windmills, learning about how windmills work and the clean energy they can provide. Children were given the opportunity to construct something physically and see it perform just minutes later.

The last activity was manned by the eFargo group, centered around their Waste-A-Watt cartoon character, an evil villain who tries to waste the world’s energy. The group asked questions dealing with energy savings and differences in light bulb efficiencies, handing out free LED lightbulbs throughout the day.

As children and adults made their way through each of the activities, they were awarded prizes of fresh fruit, organic fruit snacks and granola bars. The Green Apple-ympics was a big hit and helped engage well over 200 children and their parents.