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Following this advice can help your LEED volunteer application.

Interested in contributing to the future of LEED? Apply to serve on one of our LEED technical committees.

The following LEED committees are looking for qualified applicants to serve as members:

  • Energy and Atmosphere Technical Advisory Group (EA TAG)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Technical Advisory Group (EQ TAG)
  • Location and Planning Technical Advisory Group (LP TAG)
  • Materials and Resources Technical Advisory Group (MR TAG)
  • Sustainable Sites Technical Advisory Group (SS TAG)
  • Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group (WE TAG)
  • Social Equity Working Group (SEWG)

Application tips

Confirm that you are employed by a USGBC member organization. If you are not already employed by a USGBC member organization, begin a conversation with your employer about the benefits of membership as you apply. If nominated to serve on a LEED Committee, volunteers must comply with this policy prior to the start of their volunteer terms.

Demonstrate your understanding of LEED in multiple ways. Do you hold a LEED credential? Are you an expert in one or more LEED credit categories? Do you have suggestions to improve the rating system, based on your experience pursuing LEED certification?

Share your perspective on LEED as it relates to your professional work. How could the rating system better serve your market sector or project type? How does LEED relate to green building policies and programs in your region?

Tell us about your unique contributions as a volunteer. Do you have past experience serving on codes or standards development committees? Do you excel at research, technical writing or problem-solving? Are you a strong facilitator and communicator?

Take your time.This application is meant to showcase the unique perspective you could bring to a volunteer LEED committee position. Plan on taking at least 30–45 minutes to fill out all sections of the application. Spend the most time on your general Statement of Qualifications and your specific expertise in any LEED credit category that relates most to the committee to which you are applying. Don’t forget to read our policy documents before you submit!

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