Mike McNally
1 minute read

Every election matters—cast your vote for organizational strategy and innovation at USGBC.

Every year, USGBC’s Board of Directors puts forth a slate of candidates chosen for ratification by member companies. It’s an important action, because it shows the commitment of leaders across our community to serve in support of a sustainable built environment. It also demonstrates USGBC's commitment to keep evolving as an organization.

For 2019, the Board has chosen to fill the four open seats with individuals with deep expertise and broad experience in global market development, organizational strategy and innovation, and nonprofit governance—all areas that will help USGBC scale and improve as an organization.

Please look over our dynamic candidates for 2019, and vote to ratify the slate. Voting begins on June 17. We are grateful to all the candidates and to you for your active support of USGBC governance.

Together, we can do more.

Vote for the 2019 Board slate