Rick Fedrizzi

Well, not a week – actually just a Thursday, and yet again, I'm still—as always—amazed at the breadth and depth of the people that are part of our community and the work they do.

A couple of us spent Thursday in Kohler, Wisconsin, visiting—of course—the Kohler team.  What a remarkable group of talented and interesting and passionate green building advocates.  Our discussions were wide-ranging from LEED v4 changes to water credits to the impact of the politicization of LEED in DC to tours of their design center to discussions about their ideas for Greenbuild.  We talked about homes and hospitality.  We talked about LEED Credentials, China and cheese curds.

And once again, we came away shaking our heads about how USGBC and LEED have been shaped by, and how our members have benefitted from, the work we’ve done side by side on our shared mission.

About 750 miles south on I 55, a couple of other USGBC staff had assembled an all-star team of our members to help President Clinton and his team at the Clinton Presidential Center and Library figure out what was needed to take this already LEED Platinum Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance facility to even higher levels of performance.

I had run into him at Starbucks a year or so ago, and he thought the solution was more solar and asked if we could help – turns out that integrated design thinking is really helpful if you are truly looking for performance – in this case, “more solar” is only a small part of the solution. Organized by Nicolette Mueller . . . led by Brendan Owens with the help of longtime member Greg Shank, the outcome will be a practical roadmap for the Clinton team to use in achieving that performance.

About 7,000 miles away, Peter Templeton was finishing up a trip to China, continuing our aggressive engagement in the country with the biggest upside for LEED (not to mention the planet) if we can help them use green buildings as a carbon mitigation strategy at scale.

At the same time one of our most passionate board members, Fiona Cousins of Arup, was quietly posting on their global website an article titled "In Praise of LEED," giving substantial ammunition to our crack advocacy team for their work on the Hill aimed at keeping the federal government from shooting itself in the foot by banning LEED for public buildings.

And inside our L Street offices, some 70 LEED staffers continued to work through the 7000 moving parts of making sure we launch LEED v4 with precision at Greenbuild, another event with thousands of moving parts.

Just your average Thursday at USGBC, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.