Amanda Sawit

USGBC+ has profiled groundbreaking green building projects for years—check out the top five.

USGBC+, the member magazine of USGBC, covers a diverse array of subjects and interests. Check out these all-time favorites from the archives:

Bioclimatic Design

Some of the best new green buildings are those that challenge our ideas of conventional architecture, but don’t challenge the environment. Read how designers around the world are looking to the past to introduce bioclimate strategies into modern building practices.

Sustainable Stadiums

In recent years, sustainability has transformed from a niche concern to a leading consideration in pro sports. Take a look back to see how teams across are engaging and uniting their local communities, not just around a shared love of the game, but also around a responsibility to the environment.

Rewriting History

This article centers on a pretty radical theory: The ancient Egyptians may not have built the pyramids from quarried stone, but rather, made the blocks themselves onsite. Even more thought-provoking is the idea that how they accomplished it matters to how we address climate change today.

Living Lab

Saint-Gobain’s new headquarters prove that employee happiness is directly tied to the space in which people work. Read about all the ways the 320,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility has provided for employees’ comfort—and raised their productivity by 150 percent.

In the LEED

When LEED celebrated its 15th anniversary, USGBC+ dove into 15 LEED-certified projects around the world to reveal the rating system’s versatility value and staying power. Did you know that all these unique buildings are LEED-certified?

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