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Contact GBCI staff for more info on using SITES and LEED credits together.

Take advantage of the synergies and equivalent credits between LEED and SITES: If you’ve recently registered a project with LEED or will be registering one soon, you can benefit from pursuing both rating systems.

We’re here to help: GBCI staff is available to do a custom walk-through, review your project’s credits and outline which of your LEED credits could also pertain to SITES. Contact us to get started.

The LEED and SITES rating systems are complementary, and can be used independently or in tandem. SITES is the most comprehensive program for developing sustainable landscapes, and offers a systematic, comprehensive rating system designed to define sustainable land development and management. SITES aligns land development and management with innovative sustainable design—defining what a sustainable site is and, ultimately, elevating the value of landscapes in the built environment. Certification is available for development projects located on sites with or without buildings—ranging from national parks to corporate campuses, from streetscapes to homes.   

If you’re seeking to further define, improve or demonstrate the site sustainability aspects of your project, you can benefit from pursuing both LEED and SITES certification. Many LEED and SITES credits have similar requirements, and some are almost identical. We’ve released a list of credit substitutions so that similar credits need only be earned in one rating system, not both.

Want to learn more? The “Synergies Between SITES and LEED” guidance document shares the full list of credit substitutions, more information on applicability and important considerations for each credit. 

Download the list of credits