Steph Leonard
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The New Technologies and Paradigms track at CAHS covers successful approaches to building more sustainable communities.

Trying something new isn’t easy. There isn’t always a clear path forward when working to lead your market in a new direction. In the New Technologies and Paradigms track of the Communities and Affordable Housing Summit (CAHS) at Greenbuild 2018, we’ll work to find solutions to some of the barriers organizations might run into while charting a new course for sustainability.

Following the opening plenary, the New Technologies and Paradigms Track will let you hear from leaders working on affordable solutions in energy and solar, and how these solutions can impact affordable housing. You'll also learn about innovative approaches to homelessness through a case study of the BLOCK Project in Seattle. These stories will help set a tone for our afternoon working session.

In the afternoon session, we’ll work with five community-based organizations working to turn the status quo on its head through sustainable, affordable housing, green schools and faith-based engagement in resiliency. These project leaders are looking at green through a new lens and asking “what if?” Through facilitated discussion, we will help them focus on next steps and goals to get around some of the barriers which they are facing.

In nonprofit organizations, there isn’t always a line item in the budget for sustainability. Seeking the technical expertise needed to take the next step in sustainability isn’t always within reach. The afternoon working session will aim to connect five different organizations with experts across the field for rapid-fire discussion.

Summit attendees are encouraged to join our afternoon working session as industry leaders with the technical expertise needed to help propel these organizations forward. Our participating community-based partners will walk away with clear action steps and a new network of support. Our industry experts will walk away knowing they contributed their time and expertise to a project that will change how people live, students learn and communities thrive.

Join us in the New Technologies and Paradigms Track of the Communities and Affordable Housing Summit. Let’s work together!

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