Heather Benjamin
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There is a growing use of technology to enable and track better building performance.

USGBC recently announced the results of research by Dodge Data and Analytics, with which USGBC has partnered, in the World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report. The survey broke down the many ways in which green building continues to grow in the marketplace, as well as its extensive business benefits and increasing emphasis on human health.

Insights into green technology

In green building, there is a growing use of technology to enable better building performance, and of data to measure that performance and compare it against exacting standards. The trends report for 2018 included a special section on green technology, with case studies and articles.

In July 2018, Dodge Data and Analytics conducted a series of interviews with experts from nine companies on how technology can be used to improve building performance and achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Some takeaways from their discussion:

  • Early analysis tools, for use with building information models, can provide very helpful insight into energy and daylighting forecasts, and can provide the data that enables clients to make key design decisions early in the process.

  • The "internet of things" is providing real-time data we need. Sensors that measure occupancy, air quality, temperature and other factors are now common, as the trend toward smart buildings aligns with the trend toward green buildings.

  • Best practices shared by those interviewed included testing new technologies in your own building so that you have personal experience when recommending them to clients, and making sure that the tools you install in a building are easy for occupants to use.

Benchmarking data globally

Tools like Arc can engage any building or portfolio in managing and benchmarking data. Arc’s performance score reflects the outcomes from strategies used during all phases—design, construction and ongoing operations.

LEED v4.1, the incremental update to the LEED rating system, works through Arc to be our most transparent and accessible platform to date, working with and supporting projects to track energy, water, waste, transportation and indoor environmental quality.

Through continuous improvement in technology development, data tracking and building performance, companies, cities and nations can reach global energy reduction goals and create a sustainable world for all.

View the full report for more details