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Resilient Cities Summit report highlights leadership on the city level

Cities embrace LEED to emphasize their commitment to resilience.

Residential Research Quarterly: March 2019

Check out USGBC’s first quarterly roundup of the top research on residential green building.

The building industry must focus more on resilience

Green building expert Jared Blum shares his thoughts on advancing resiliency.

U.S. states increasingly embrace green affordable housing

State-level incentives put LEED within reach of low-income residents.

Georgia requires green building certification for low-income housing

Georgia now requires projects seeking certain housing tax credits to earn a sustainable building certification.

District of Columbia passes building efficiency and renewable energy policy

The law will increase efficiency of existing buildings that do not meet performance targets.

Residential Research Quarterly: December 2018

Check out USGBC’s fourth quarterly roundup of the top research on residential green building.

Diverse coalition urges renewal of key efficiency incentives

USGBC and other organizations support the extension of several incentives.

Water Research Foundation releases report on incentivizing green infrastructure

By wisely deploying green infrastructure, communities can realize dividends across the triple bottom line.

USGBC comments on Virginia Energy Plan

The energy plan sets a 10-year strategic vision for energy policy in the Commonwealth.