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Highlights from the 2019 Green Schools Conference and Expo

View our slideshow of photos from GSCE 2019.

New Building Learners program helps schools teach sustainability performance

The new program allows K–12 schools to track, teach and improve sustainability performance.

"Teach green" in May for a chance to win a prize

With the #WhyITeachGreen campaign, teachers can explore free lessons on Learning Lab.

New toolkit shares ways schools can reduce food waste

The toolkit can help K–12 schools implement programs to reduce and recover surplus food.

Lessons learned in energy efficiency: The multiple-choice approach for schools

Sponsored content: Xcel Energy shares tips on ways to make your school more energy-efficient.

Top 5 reasons to attend GSCE x IMPACT

Don't miss this unmatched opportunity to learn, network and celebrate.

K–12 curriculum: Invoking student action with democracy lessons

The creator of the Ultimate Civics program shares her thoughts on why the curriculum taps into student activism.

Class of 2018: LEED-certified schools make an impact

See a slideshow of some of the most inspiring LEED schools certified in 2018.

Learn more about green schools with our monthly webcasts

See the full list of 2019 green schools webinars, and save the dates.

Top 5 sessions for educators at the Green Schools Conference and Expo

Check out our hand-picked sessions for educators at the 2019 GSCE.