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LEED connects homes, neighborhoods and communities

From one home to whole cities, LEED certification promotes the things that matter for all residents.

LEED Zero Petinelli headquarters creates momentum for client goals

The Petinelli firm, the first to certify with LEED Zero, leads by example.

First Building Health Leadership Award recipients announced

The award celebrates projects that focus on health through all phases of development and operation.

"Teach green" in May for a chance to win a prize

With the #WhyITeachGreen campaign, teachers can explore free lessons on Learning Lab.

Nominate your project for the 2018 LEED Homes Awards

Nominate your LEED homes project by May 15.

USGBC experts on how we can build a greener future

During Earth Month, USGBC's resident experts share insights on how we can build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Registration opens for Greenerbuilder San Francisco

Register by June 21 for early bird rates to the San Francisco event.

New toolkit shares ways schools can reduce food waste

The toolkit can help K–12 schools implement programs to reduce and recover surplus food.

Keep learning live from LEED v4.1 experts

Our LEED v4.1 webcast series continues this spring and summer.

LEED v4.1 Pacific Region Roadshow: Seattle (USGBC Washington)

The host of the Seattle roadshow shares his impressions of the event.