Green careers for a green generation

Green careers for a green generation

Supporting the green jobs market

USGBC is an inclusive and diverse family of individuals from across the globe. We are a movement of real estate leaders, governments, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, educators, innovators and companies working to build healthy, efficient and equitable communities for all. USGBC is committed to supporting the growing green jobs market, to ensure that people who are passionate about sustainability can apply their skills and talents to a rapidly changing workforce.

Green careers at a glance

9.8 million jobs requiring green tasks, according to the US Department of Labor’s Green Job Initiative

70% of organizations have permanently placed sustainability on their management agendas, according to MIT Sloan Management Review + Boston Consulting Group

65% of businesses value environmental and sustainability knowledge in job candidates, according to the National Environmental Education Foundation

78% of businesses said environmental and sustainability knowledge would grow in importance as a hiring factor in the next five years, according to the National Environmental Education Foundation

71% of hiring decision makers maintain that being credentialed increases competitiveness, based on a survey of LEED professionals

85% of credentialed professionals believe that their credential gives them a competitive edge in the job market, based on a survey of LEED professionals

Stand out from the crowd

Discover green career resources, created specifically for you.


  • Create a USGBC Student account to increase your visibility and gain access to student discounts.
  • Find opportunities to work on a LEED project either on campus or in your community.
  • Earn a green building badge to show expertise in areas of sustainable practice
  • Get involved with the local USGBC Community to meet professionals.
  • Obtain a LEED professional credential to show your green building expertise; prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam by using a Study Plan and purchase the LEED Green Associate Study Bundle at the special student price of $109.
  • Obtain an ISSP Sustainability Associate to demonstrate your understanding of core sustainability concepts and market yourself to companies seeking these skills
  • Maintain a credential while in school taking courses on sustainability.

Emerging professional or those looking for a new career path

K12 Teachers

  • Earn your Green Classroom Professional Certificate to support healthy, resource-efficient, and environmentally sustainable learning spaces.
  • Access hands-on sustainability curriculum and resources to bring K-12 classroom projects to life with Learning Lab. The Green Careers module introduces students to the idea of green careers and what it means to be a sustainability professional; and the LEED Prep program gives students a thorough understanding of green building principles and LEED requirements to prepare them for taking the LEED Green Associate™ Exam.

Higher Ed Instructors

  • Use a Curricular Toolkit to enhance your post-secondary courses. The toolkits in this series provide higher education faculty curated access to resources and processes, organized to aid in teaching about and engaging students in the concepts of sustainability. The Green Careers toolkit specifically prepares higher education students for 21st-century careers in green building and sustainability industries.
  • View all of the ways USGBC supports post-secondary learning.
  • Offer a LEED Green Associate exam prep course to prepare students interested in gaining a professional credential. Use our LEED Green Associate Two-week study plan to develop a syllabus and take advantage of special educator and student pricing on the LEED Green Associate Study Bundle.

Existing green professionals

Green careers resources

Access resources to support the pursuit of a green career.

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