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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v4 - LEED v4

Water metering

Possible 2 points


To support water management and identify opportunities for additional water savings by tracking water consumption.



Establish permanently installed meters; 1 point for two water subsystems, 2 points for four or more water subsystems:

  • Irrigation. Meter water systems serving at least 80% of the irrigated landscaped area. Calculate the percentage of irrigated landscape area as the total metered irrigated landscape area divided by the total irrigated landscape area. Landscape areas fully covered with xeriscaping or native vegetation that requires no routine irrigation may be excluded from the calculation.
  • Indoor plumbing fixtures and fittings. Meter water systems serving at least 80% of the indoor plumbing fixtures and fittings listed in WE Prerequisite Indoor Water-Use Reduction, either directly or by deducting all other measured water use from the measured total water consumption of the building and grounds,
  • Cooling towers. Meter replacement water use of all cooling towers serving the facility.
  • Domestic hot water. Meter water use of at least 80% of the installed domestic hot water heating capacity (including both tanks and on-demand heaters).
  • Reclaimed water. Meter reclaimed water, regardless of rate. A reclaimed water system with a makeup water connection must also be metered so that the true reclaimed water component can be determined.
  • Other process water. Meter at least 80% of expected daily water consumption for process end uses, such as humidifiers, dishwashers, clothes washers, and pools.


All meters, including whole-building meter, must be recorded at least weekly and used in a regular analysis of time trends.

Meters must be calibrated within the manufacturer’s recommended interval if the building owner, management organization, or tenant owns the meter. Meters owned by third parties (e.g., utilities or governments) are exempt.

Commit to sharing with USGBC the resulting water usage data for a five-year period beginning on the date the project accepts LEED certification.

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