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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v3 - LEED 2009

Learning Controls for Thermal Comfort

EQpc85 | Possible 1 point


Pilot Credit Closed - New Version Available

This credit was closed on 12/9/2016, but a new version, EQpc114 is available in the pilot credit library.

To encourage occupant engagement and provide optimal comfort through control of the heating and cooling in their space, and to educate occupants on their heating and cooling choices.



Have in place an automated and learning heating and cooling system that provides occupant control. The system must use usage and control data in an effort optimize comfort for the users.

Have a plan to test and repair or replace devices or systems according to the manufacturer or developer’s recommended interval.
Track and document the changes made by the learning system. Identify where comfort increased or decreased and if more or less energy was used as a result of the system’s changes.


Have in place automated and learning heating and cooling controls that provide usage feedback. Feedback should be delivered through more than one mode of communication to inform the occupants about the actual thermal comfort trends in their workspace or residence.

Feedback may be real time or through regular reporting mechanisms, but must be communicated at least on a monthly basis. Feedback must include contextual comparisons in text and visual displays

Related Credit: Earn an additional point by achieving Pilot Credit 59: Occupant Engagement to educate and empower the occupants to engage in their thermal comfort and energy management.

General Pilot Documentation Requirements

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Credit Specific
  1. Narrative that addresses the installed system:

    1. Level of control be for occupants
    2. How individual thermostats will account for multiple user interaction
    3. How the thermostat’s learned patterns balance the individual user requests and the needs of the shared space
  2. Cutsheets for the product
  3. Floorplan identifying where each device is installed and what thermal zones each device controls
  4. Maintenance and calibration plan, including responsible parties
  5. If applicable, narrative that explains:
    1. The integration process of the tenant learning controls system and the base building system.
  6. Submit documentation for A, B, OR C:
    1. Narrative that addresses:

      1. Frequency and number of occupant comfort complaints since use of learning controls.
      2. Cost and energy savings, if any.
    2. OR

    3. Report out of metrics and/or quantitative data used to measure the success of the learning controls (e.g., records of complaint/report logs)
    4. OR

    5. Quantitative results of an occupant comfort survey.
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