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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v3 - LEED 2009

Site improvement plan

SSpc64 | Possible 1 point


This is a pilot credit. To use any pilot credit on your LEED project, be sure to register here. Documentation requirements and additional questions are listed below.

To preserve and improve ecological integrity while supporting high-performance building operations.

Pilot Credit Closed

This pilot credit was closed to new pilot credit registrations on 3/1/2015. It is now available in the LEED Innovation Catalog for ongoing use by project teams as an innovation point rather than a pilot credit.



Develop a five-year site improvement plan that includes the following:

  • documentation of existing site conditions;
  • site improvement objectives;
  • performance standards to evaluate ongoing progress; and
  • monitoring protocols.

The improvement plan must address the following topics.

  • Hydrology. Protection and improvement of water bodies on-site, rainwater management and reuse opportunities, potable water-use reduction.
  • Vegetation. Documentation of existing vegetation on-site, turf area reduction, management of native and invasive plants, protection of threatened, endangered or unique species.
  • Soils. Documentation of general soil structure, preservation of healthy soils, remediation of compacted soils, identification of previously disturbed area.

The plan must be developed with professionals trained and experienced in the above disciplines.


Show that at least 5% of the site is vegetated. Implement all no-cost and low-cost measures. Develop a new improvement plan and implement all new no-cost and low-cost measures every five years.

General Pilot Documentation Requirements

Register for the pilot credit

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Credit specific:

Provide the following:

  1. A copy of the Site Improvement Plan addressing the areas listed in the requirements. If an area is not specifically addressed, explain the reason(s) why.
  2. A drawing of the existing site conditions
  3. Calculations showing compliance with the 5% threshold
  4. A list of professionals consulted for the development of this plan

Provide the following:

  1. A list of all no-cost and low-cost measures implemented
  2. Every 5 years: the items listed above under Establishment
Additional questions:
  1. The goal of this credit is to improve upon existing site conditions and support high-performance operations by evaluating sustainable site management options. Do you believe that these requirements achieve this intent? Why or why not?
  2. Did you encounter difficulties in gathering the information for the improvement plan? If so, in what ways?
  • Changes as a result of 5th Public Comment (01/15/2013):
    Updated with SSc6 EBOM - Wording changes- rewording for clarification
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