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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v3 - LEED 2009

Cooling tower water management

WEc4 | Possible 2 points


To reduce potable water consumption for cooling tower or evaporative condenser equipment through effective water management and/or use of nonpotable makeup water.


WE credit 4.1 (1 point): Chemical management

Develop and implement a water management plan for the cooling tower or evaporative condenser that addresses chemical treatment, bleed-off, biological control and staff training as it relates to cooling tower maintenance.

Improve water efficiency by installing and/or maintaining a conductivity meter and automatic controls to adjust the bleed rate and maintain proper concentration at all times.


WE credit 4.2 (1 point): Nonpotable water source use

Use makeup water that consists of at least 50% nonpotable water, such as harvested rainwater, harvested stormwater, air-conditioner condensate, swimming pool filter
backwash water, cooling tower blowdown, pass-through (once-through) cooling water, recycled treated wastewater from toilet and urinal flushing, foundation drain water, municipally reclaimed water or any other appropriate on-site water source that is not naturally occurring groundwater or surface water.

Have a measurement program in place that verifies makeup water quantities used from nonpotable sources. Meters must be calibrated within the manufacturer’s recommended interval if the building owner, management organization or tenant owns the meter. Meters owned by third parties (e.g., utilities or governments) are exempt.

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