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LEED BD+C: Homes | v3 - LEED 2008

Education of the homeowner or tenant

AEc1 | Possible 2 points


Maintain the performance of the home by educating the occupants (i.e., the homeowner or tenant) about the operations and maintenance of the home’s LEED features and equipment.



1.1 Basic operations training. Provide the home’s occupant(s) with the following:

  1. An operations and maintenance manual or binder that includes all the following items:
    1. The completed checklist of LEED for Homes features.
    2. A copy of each signed Accountability Form.
    3. A copy of the durability inspection checklist.
    4. The product manufacturers’ manuals for all installed equipment, fixtures, and appliances.
    5. General information on efficient use of energy, water, and natural resources.
    6. Operations and maintenance guidance for any LEED for Homes– related equipment installed in the home, including
    7. Guidance on occupant activities and choices, including the following:
      • cleaning materials, methods, and supplies;
      • water-efficient landscaping;
      • impacts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides;
      • irrigation;
      • lighting selection; and
      • appliance selection.
    8. Educational information on “green power.”
  2. A minimum one-hour walk-through of the home with the occupant(s), featuring the following:
    1. Identification of all installed equipment.
    2. Instruction in how to use the measures and operate the equipment.
    3. Information on how to maintain the measures and equipment.


1.2 Enhanced training (1 point). Provide two hours of training for the occupant(s) in addition to the training provided for AE 1.1. Examples of eligible trainings

  1. An additional walk-through or training held in another home that has similar green measures and equipment.
  2. A builder- or developer-sponsored meeting of potential homebuyers that informs participants of the unique features of a LEED home.
  3. A group homebuyer training that includes discussion of the required items in the occupant’s operations and maintenance manual, including information on efficient use of resources, appropriate use of measures and systems, and proper maintenance of measures and systems.
  4. A homebuyer DVD with operations and maintenance information on the home’s LEED for Homes measures.

1.3 Public awareness (1 point). Promote general public awareness about LEED for Homes by conducting at least three of the following activities:

  1. Hold an advertised, attended public open house that lasts at least four hours per day on at least four weekends or participate in a green building exhibition or tour. The home or building must display at least four informational stations about the LEED for Homes features (and/or offer a guided tour that highlights at least four LEED for Homes features).
  2. Publish a Web site with at least two pages that provides detailed information about the features and benefits of LEED homes.
  3. Generate a newspaper article on the LEED for Homes project.
  4. Display LEED for Homes signage, measuring six square feet or more, on the exterior of the home or building.
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