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LEED BD+C: Homes | v3 - LEED 2008

Performance of ENERGY STAR for Homes

EApc71 | Possible 1 point


This is a pilot credit. To use any pilot credit on your LEED project, be sure to register here. Documentation requirements and additional questions are listed below.

To improve the building’s overall energy performance and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Pilot Credit Closed

This pilot credit was closed to new pilot credit registrations on 3/1/2015. It is now available in the LEED Innovation Catalog for ongoing use by project teams as an innovation point rather than a pilot credit.


Meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Complete all mandatory measures of ENERGY STAR for Homes version 3.

    Achieve a HERS Index rating that meets or exceeds the ENERGY STAR HERS Index Target (or USGBC-approved equivalent for projects outside the U.S.).

    Certified passive house projects automatically meet the Thermal Enclosure System section of the Rater Design Review checklist.

  2. If installed, at least one of the following appliances must be ENERGY STAR qualified (or performance equivalent for projects outside the U.S.) in each dwelling unit:
    • refrigerator;
    • dishwasher; or
    • clothes washer.
  3. All duct runs must be fully ducted (i.e., building cavities may not be used as ducts).

Existing portions of an existing building are given the following allowances:

Rater Design Review Checklist
3.1. Slab insulation is strongly encouraged but not required to meet or exceed 2009 IECC levels.

Rater Field Checklist
3.1. Attic insulation at the intersection of existing roof and existing exterior walls does not have to meet R-value requirements.
3.4. Advanced framing is not required on existing framed walls,
4.3. Existing sill plates on top of concrete are not required to be placed on a foam gasket.

Water Management System Builder Requirements

Water-Managed Site and Foundation
1.3. A capillary break under an existing slab is not required unless there are visible signs of moisture damage on the slab floor.
1.5. Exterior below-grade walls are not required to be damp-proofed on the exterior surface unless there are visible signs of moisture damage on the interior of the wall.
1.8 - Drain tiles surrounded with clean gravel and fabric filter are not required for existing slabs, unless there are visible signs of moisture damage on the slab floor
2, 3. Water-managed wall and roof assembly requirements are not required for existing walls or roofing unless there are signs of moisture damage related to vulnerabilities in the walls or roof.

General Pilot Documentation Requirements

Register for the pilot credit

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Credit specific:
  • All completed inspection checklists
  • HERS Target Index, building’s HERS Index
LEED for Homes Review Process

LEED for Homes projects: When complete, submit documentation here.

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