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LEED BD+C: Homes | v3 - LEED 2008

Bicycle Network and Storage

LLpc30 | Possible 1 point


To reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.

Pilot Credit Closed

This pilot credit was closed to new pilot credit registrations on 3/1/2015. It is now available in the LEED Innovation Catalog for ongoing use by project teams as an innovation point rather than a pilot credit.


Meet both of the following requirements:

Bicycle network

Design or locate the project such that the building entrance and/or bicycle storage is within a 200-yard walk distance from at least one of the following:

  1. An existing bicycle network that connects to a school or employment center within 3 miles bicycling distance from the project boundary; or
  2. An existing bicycle network that connects to at least 10 community resources within 2 miles bicycling distance from the project boundary.

If the requirements border the project boundary, a safe, all-weather route must exist between the bicycle network and the project’s bicycle storage and/or main

Planned and funded bicycle trails or lanes may be counted if they are funded and designated for completion within the fiscal year that the constructing organization finalizes the plans.

Bicycle Storage

Provide at least one secure, enclosed bicycle storage space per occupant for 25% of all building occupants. Expect 2 persons for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, with one additional person per additional bedroom.

Bicycle storage areas must be locked, located under roof and easily accessible to residents. For multi-family buildings with more than 10 units, provide informational signage on using the storage facilities. Bicycle storage capacity may not be double counted; storage that is fully allocated to the occupants of non-project facilities cannot also serve project occupants.

A single family dwelling unit with enclosed garage meets the bicycle storage requirement.

General Pilot Documentation Requirements

Register for the pilot credit

Credits 1-14

Credits 15-27

Credits 28-42

Credits 43-56

Credits 57-67

Credits 68-82

Credits 83--96

LEED for Homes Review Process

LEED for Homes projects: When complete, submit documentation here.

Credit Specific:
  • Provide calculation showing the number of occupants compared to the number of bicycle storage spots
  • Provide map demonstrating that the project complies is within 3 miles of a school or employment center or within 2 miles of 10 community resources, and that the route is bicycle friendly
  • Green rater visually verifies that an adequate number of bicycle storage spots that are located in a locked and under roof area are present
Additional Questions
  • Did the project team meet this credit in more than one way? If so, which options were met, and why did the project team choose to submit one as the primary path for credit achievement?
  • Changes made 2/18/2011:
    Removed Mid-rise eligibility because a similar credit is available in LEED for Homes Mid-Rise.
  • Changes made for 2nd Public Comment (08/01/2011):
    Removed Option 2: Parking Capacity / Low Emitting and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
    Included pathway for single-family housing
    Included requirements for bicycle network
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