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LEED BD+C: Homes | v3 - LEED 2008

Waste management

MRc3 | Possible 3 points


Reduce waste generation to a level below the industry norm.



3.1 Construction waste management planning. Complete the following tasks related to management of construction waste:

  1. Investigate and document local options for diversion (e.g., recycling, reuse) of all anticipated major constituents of the project waste stream, including cardboard packaging and household recyclables (e.g., beverage containers).
  2. Document the diversion rate for construction waste. Record the diversion rate for land clearing and/or demolition, if applicable (e.g., on gut rehab project), separately from the rate for the new construction phase of the project.


3.2 Construction waste reduction (maximum 3 points). Reduce or divert waste generated from new construction activities from landfills and incinerators to a level below the industry norm. Use either of two options:

a) Reduced construction waste. Generate 2.5 pounds (or 0.016 cubic yards) or less of net waste (not including waste diverted for reclamation or recycling) per square foot of building floor area. Use column 1 or 2 and column 5 of Table 1 to determine the score.2

b) Increased waste diversion. Divert 25% or more of the total materials taken off the construction site from landfills and incinerators. Use column 3 or 4 and column 5 of Table 1 to determine the score; calculate the percentage using either weight or volume.
Note: Land clearing and demolition waste (e.g., from removal of preexisting structures on the site) should not be counted in this calculation.

Table 1. Waste Diversion

Amount to landfills and incinerators Points
Reduced construction waste Increased waste diversion
Pounds / ft2 Cubic yards / 1,000 ft2 Percentage waste Percentage diverted
4.0 25.5 100% 0% 0.0
3.5 22.3 88% 13% 0.0
3.0 19.1 75% 25% 0.5
2.5 15.9 63% 38% 1.0
2.0 12.8 50% 50% 1.5
1.5 9.6 38% 63% 2.0
1.0 6.4 25% 75% 2.5
0.5 3.2 13% 88% 3.0

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