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LEED ND: Built Project | v1 - LEED 1.0 pilot

Walkable streets

NPDc7 | Possible 8 points


Provide appealing and comfortable pedestrian street environments in order to promote pedestrian activity. Promote public health though increased physical activity.


Design and build the project such that all of the following are achieved (4 points):

    a. A principal functional entry of each building has a front façade that faces a public space such as a street, square, park, paseo, or plaza.
    b. A minimum of 30% of all street frontages located within the project, if any, are planned for development that complies with the minimum building-height-to street-width proportions of 1:3; and where building sites are planned along streets bordering the project, a minimum of 15% of the total street frontage of such sites contains (or is dedicated to) development that will produce a building-height-to-street-width proportion of 1:3. Street frontages are to be measured in linear feet.
    c. Continuous sidewalks or equivalent provisions for walking are provided along both sides of all streets within the project. New sidewalks must be at least 4 feet wide. Equivalent provisions for walking include woonerfs and footpaths.
    d. All streets along exclusively residential blocks within the project, whether new or existing, are designed for a maximum speed of 20 mph.
    e. All streets along non-residential or mixed use blocks within the project, whether new or existing, are designed for a maximum speed of 25 mph.
    If the above measures are achieved, the project may earn additional points as follows: 1 point for designing and building the project such that any three measures on the list below are accomplished (up to 4 additional points):
    f. The front façades of at least 80% of all buildings are no more than 25 feet from front property line.
    g. The front facades of at least 50% of all buildings are no more than 18 feet from the front property line.
    h. The front facades of at least 50% of mixed-use and non-residential buildings are contiguous to the sidewalk.
    i. Functional building entries occur every 75 feet, on average, along non-residential or mixed use blocks.
    j. All ground-level non-residential interior spaces that face a public space have transparent glass on at least 33% of the ground-level façade.
    k. No blank (without doors or windows) walls longer than 50 feet occur along sidewalks. Walls with public art installations such as murals may be exempted.
    l. Any ground-level storefront windows must be kept open and visible (unshuttered) at night, and this must be stipulated to future owners in CC&Rs or other binding documents.
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